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Professional WordPress Website Management

Customized WordPress Website Administration Services

I offer customized WordPress management pricing designed to meet your specific business needs. Your WordPress website is a valuable asset that has likely involved considerable time and investment. Protect your investment by subscribing to WordPress Management packages that start at as little as $400* per month for a single website. A one-time setup fee of $150 includes a one year subscription to a premium WordPress security plug-in. The WordPress security plugin currently renews at $99 per year. See the list of what is included and current optional services.

Core WordPress Management Subscription

WordPress Backup And Update Services

In most cases WordPress and associated plugin updates should be done promptly. Major core updates get extra consideration, especially if there are substantial chances that could affect plugins and themes.  When it is determined that a WordPress, theme, or plugin update is available, my process first verifies the last complete backup*. If there is no recent backup in the last 24 hours, a manual update is mandatory.  If something happens during an update, a backup will be used to restore the website.

*To qualify for any WordPress Management Subscription, a website must have a qualified Backup system in place. A reliable WordPress backup process is also fundamental to security. Back up before updating!

WordPress Security Monitoring

Security is a core part of my WordPress Management Subscriptions. I offer the installation and configuration of one of several security plugins that monitor and defend WordPress security threats. Generally my clients choose Wordfence Premium. Security protocols do more than protect your valuable WordPress website. One side benefit is that an aggressive security process protects valuable bandwidth! Bad actors that attack WordPress websites consume bandwidth that negatively impacts the experience of legitimate users. Wordfence Premium can be configured to automatically block hacker traffic, freeing up your hosting account’s bandwidth for legitimate traffic!

WordPress Management Subscription Pricing

WordPress Management Subscriptions start at $400 per website.

WordPress Management Options

WordPress Management Subscriptions offer peace of mind. When I managed your WordPress website, you can focus on running your business, knowing your website is well taken cared of. Sample prices for optional WordPress Management Subscription services. Prices are usually customized to your specific needs.

WordPress Basic Management

$400 Per Month Per Website
Get your basics covered, backup, security, and updates

Includes up to 3 hours of tech support, including technical support interfacing with your website’s host. Additional hours are $40 per hour.

WordPress eCommerce Management

$1000/custom Per Month Per Website
WordPress backup, security, and updates along with customer service to manage additional Users accounts associated with eCommerce stores. 4 hours advanced customer support + 4 hours tech support. 

WordPress Core Plus Marketing

$1,500/custom Per Month
Custom content management with four hours search engine optimization per month. Includes WordPress Basic Management and active of Facebook business page. 4 hours advanced customer support + 4 hours tech support.