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WordPress Design, SEO, and Technical Tips

DIY WordPress Podcast

WordPress is the world’s #1 content management system. WordPress is an awesome tool to build many times of website applications. WordPress isn’t just for bloggers anymore. On the other hand, WordPress is much more complex than it was back when I started using it in 2008. In my WordPress podcast, I will share what ideas, strategies, plugin reviews, security tips, and other information that should help you create a better WordPress, faster!

Channeling WordPress Podcast – Latest Episode

Don’t Be A Plugin Abuser!

WordPress plugins can be an awesome tool when chosen and managed wisely. On the other hand, WordPress plugins play a part in creating conflicts, security issues, and can also negatively impact a WordPress website’s performance. This Channeling WordPress podcast offers some basic guidance on the use of WordPress plugins.

EPISODE 8: WordPress Plugins: Friend and/or Foe!

by John Wood - Sacramento WordPress Guru