If you found this page, you are looking at what amounts to a brand new, raw WordPress website. I purged my old website this morning, March 15, 2018, due to suspicions there was malware deeply embedded in the previous WordPress install.

I really didn’t have anything to go on but a feeling and some dysfunction that took up too much of my time, so I opted to start over. Plus there was about 500mb of content that I just didn’t feel like inspecting.

In any case, be patient because I intend to have a fresh, new website up and running in about a week. WordPress is my favorite tool because it allows rapid deployment of intelligent websites. My basic website services start around $300 which is a bargain in the Sacramento valley.

I don’t just wrap some average content in pre-built theme. Even my basic approach is designed to create compelling web sites that generate leads or sales. Even at my entry level price point, I leverage all my experience and skills to make sure your website is informative, fast, and functional.

Your website has to be much better than a brochure about your business, products or service. Your website has to be a live component of your business, constantly evolving to keep you in front of the customer or prospect you need to thrive.

While I am working on my website, feel free to call me at: 916-837-0167 to chat about your website needs. Whether you have an existing website or need to create one where there is just an idea, make me your first resource!

John Wood
I WordPress
Sacramento, California
Web Design, Social Media Management, Digital Marketing, & Multimedia