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Multimedia Services

Video and Audio Content For your Website!

Today it is not enough to have a highly functional website. Content is king when your goal is to convert your website traffic into opportunities. Videos and podcasts are excellent types of content to share benefits of your business, product, or service. 

Videos and podcasts can also support existing clients and help build a loyal customer base. 

Video documentation services are also available in the Northern California for training events, conferences, emergencies, and field trips. For more information, call 916-837-0167

Your Affordable, Local Choice For High Quality Multimedia Content

Multimedia Services – SacraMento, CA

Videos, podcasts, job, and product photography are key content on modern websites. I offer affordable multimedia creative services that include video, photography, and podcasts. I can also create unique audio tracks, including jingles and sound effects. I use state-of-the-art computer, camera, and video equipment. My hardware comprises of both iOS and Windows computers. Services include full production or production only if you have media needing editing for your website or onsite usage.

Video Production

Video equipment includes “safari-ready” kits for in-house or remote video capture. For 4K ultra-portable video, I use a GoPro Hero7 Black for action video capture. For professional HD video capture, my tool of choice is a kit built around the Sony HXR-NX3 with wireless mics, lighting, and professional tripod.

Graphic Design

My media studio is ready to produce any graphical content you need for your website, retail point of sale POP, business cards, coupons, advertisements, or whatever is necessary to promote your business, product or service. 


I am field-ready with various DSLRs and Micro 4/3 cameras with lenses for any occasion. I also maintain a light box for product photography in my studio. I am able to shoot interior or exterior locations as well as bring product into my studio for high-quality controlled background photography.

Music/Audio Composition

I have a fully capable professional music, audio, and podcast capable studio. Whether you need voice-voice, sound effects, or music for your website, radio, or television content, my studio is ready to create and produce!

A note on copyright infringement

One of the main reasons I maintain all the tools to create audio, video, and graphical media for website distribution is to avoid any copyright issues. One very dangerous mistake many website owners and website designers make is using content without the right permissions, attributions or documentation. It isn’t enough to assume public domain or proper Creative Commons licensing. Even with proper documentation, if ownership of content changes, the right to use it can also.

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