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Full-Service Digital Marketing Focused On WordPress

To improve a website’s performance and value, focus on your ideal customer! Ultimately, having the best answers for your ideal customer, accomplishes two important goals and can earn a website the top spot on a search engine! Answering questions is really the best thing high-quality content needs to do. Answers attract high quality website visitors. The best answers to even mundane questions can earn a “Featured Snippet” which are placed on top of the first page of results!

WordPress – #1 Content Management System In the World!

From Fortune 100 companies to small businesses, WordPress is the number one choice when it comes to building websites around the world. The reason is simple, WordPress is a powerful, flexible online content publishing platform. While WordPress is still a top choice for publishing blogs, it is by far the most leverage content management system in the world. WordPress is scalable, flexible, and simply allows maximum creativity when publishing content focused on selling products, services, and businesses!

High Quality Content – What Your Ideal Customer Is Seeking!

Content still is king! Whether in the form of words on a web page, videos, or images, content puts your solutions in front of ideal customers. Websites that rank higher organically, feature the best answers and solutions the ideal customer is looking for! While content is important, why kind of content matters! Currently video is a powerful tool that is easy to consume in our mobile-first world!

John L. Wood Offers Fully Integrated Website, Social Media & Digital Marketing Services

WordPress Website Design & Support
Advanced WordPress Administration
WordPress Performance Improvement
Secure Socket Installation (SSL) & Troubleshooting
WordPress Plugin Management
WooCommerce /eCommerce Cart Support

Social Media Content & Management
Search Engine Optimization
Local Search Engine Optimization
Keyword Research & Strategies
Product & Services Photography
Newsletters & Subscription Management

Get Help With Yoast SEO #1 SEO Plugin Tools For WordPress and WooCommerce Search Engine Optimization

John L. Wood Sacramento SEO Pro successfully completed the All-around SEO course!
John L. Wood Sacramento WordPress Guru successfully completed the SEO copywriting course!
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Call or text me at 916-837-0167 to start a discussion about creating a new or improving an existing website. I can help your website look better, rank on Google better, and bring you more customers!

WordPress – A Powerful Marketing Tool!

Content Management Is King!

WordPress is a fast, flexible, and robust content management system. Content is the key to attracting high quality traffic. The best content is that which describes or better, shows the benefits of your business, product, or service. WordPress makes creating, publishing and managing content fast and as web publishing platforms go, affordable!

High Quality Content & WordPress

WordPress’s strength is its robust capacity to publish. While the written word matters, technology has shifted our world to a reliance on mobile devices, social media, and search engines. These technologies spoil tease us with instant access to solutions. Successful websites get the right solutions in front of the ideal customers.

eCommerce and WordPress?

There are many choices available to those who want to open an online store. WordPress and WooCommerce are two of the top eCommerce tools in the world. Deciding on the best eCommerce platform for your project, should include reviewing several options. Alternative shopping cart integrations include Shopify, SquareSpace and other eCommerce stores!

Free consultation to find out if WordPress is right for your digital marketing!

Knowledge + Skills + Passion

Full Stack WordPress Design

Content is key to providing the solutions your ideal customer is looking for! Your website is a sales tool and it has to start closing as soon as a home page starts to deploy! This is where decades of B2B abd B2C sales experience enhances my WordPress and Digital Marketing services. Most web designers don’t have a clue when it comes to the “Art of the Sale”, yet they want to build and manage a website that sells? Real world success at closing deals translates to better websites!

Digital Media Services

Videos with subtitles get to the point better than anything. Pro HD and 4K video cameras as well as a variety of digital cameras, are among some of the tools I can bring to bear. My office computers are state-of-the-art and I subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud.

Strategy + Social Media + SEO

A website should “alive” with content that showcases your business, product or services. Social media websites are now a valuable source of website traffic. Smart web design, content, and social media work together to find and keep your ideal customer! Social media allows your business to hang a sign where your customer hangs out! You don’t even have to have a social media profile!

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WordPress Web Design, Site Management & Tech Support
Sales & Technical Content Writing For Website & Social Media
WooCommerce, Shopify & SquareSpace Shop Integration
Social Media & Local Business Directory Management
Brand Awareness & Reputation Monitoring
Sales Training For Retail Staff
Video, Podcast, and Audio For Business Production
Search Engine & Website Performance Optimization
WordPress Security, Backup & Update Management

Emergency Website Tech Support

Is your website down, your hosting or domain name expired? I have helped resolve these issues and more. Please indicate if your need is an emergency and indicate best time to call.

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Please call for fastest response. If after hours or on weekends, please leave a message if I do not respond. Due to client location, my hours vary and I am often on call for special client events.

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