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SEO & Web Design Fact: Did you know?

Mobile First Web Design is Today’s Standard!
With Google’s recent Core Vitals update, website performance takes center stage when it comes to organic search engine optimization. High quality content isn’t any less important, but the reality is that a slow website can cause traffic to bounce away from good content. Search engine optimization must include performance considerations.

Organic Search Engine Optimization Services

Sustainable SEO & Pay Per Click Work Together!

In a perfect world, all website content is created with strong organic customer-oriented search engine optimization in mind. I put the word “customer” first  because ultimately it is your ideal customer that matters most. Google has made it very clear in plain language that good SEO appeals to your ideal traffic, not Google!

The bottom line is you optimize for your ideal customer, not any search engine!

Organic search engine optimization is the only sustainable process to improve search engine results. Organic SEO is an ongoing process that when applied in a persistent manner yields consistently better results at a far lower cost that PPC. Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns can generate high quality leads quicker, but doign so is generally expensive and the cost per lead unpredictable. When you stop or scale back a PPC campaign, the leads that campaign generated, go away.

The best of  both worlds is to have persistent approach to organic search engine optimization and consider other lead and traffic generation strategies such as pay per click and other marketing strategies.

The bottom line here is that even if you opt to do PPC, you need to have a strong organic Search Engine Optimization strategy!

WordPress Search Engine Optimization Services – Sacramento, CA

YoastSEO & YoastSEO Pro Setup, Configuration, & Optimization Certified

John L. Wood Sacramento SEO Pro successfully completed the All-around SEO course!
John L. Wood Sacrameto WordPress Design successfully completed the Technical SEO course!
John L. Wood Sacramento Web Pro successfully completed the Structured data course!
John L. Wood Sacramento WordPress Guru successfully completed the SEO copywriting course!

Call or text me at 916-837-0167 to start a discussion about creating a new or improving an existing website. I can help your website look better, rank on Google better, and bring you more customers!

Structural Search Engine Optimization

Structural SEO addresses technical and layout issues that can negatively impact SEO! Better Search Engine Optimization deals with several technical issues that go beyond just improving your website’s content!

WooCommerce SEO

Every product on your WooCommerce website offers an opportunity to improve search engine results! While that might not be practical to optimize every product, focusing on top sellers will help attract more qualified buyers!

Search Engine Optimized Content

Your business is unique, so why use generic content to describe it? From written posts to images and video, get content created for your business that attracts new customers. Stop paying for re-hased generic content!



Schema markup is a form of microdata that creates an enhanced description or “rich snippet”. Rich snippets help put your website content stand out compared to similar businesses and that helps improve in search results.

Schema/Structured Data Support

Schema is very important to your SEO strategies! Schema microdata helps separate your website from all the others offering similar services, products, or content! Rich Snippets can also get your website to the top of search engine results via a “Featured Snippet”! Get your organic search engine optimization in order in 2021! Google has gone “all-in” when it comes to using structured data for WordPress website pages, posts, and even product listings!
Paying per click without an organic SEO strategy is wasting money and traffic!

Let’s Work Together On Your Website

A new website or improving an existing website’s performance starts with a conversation. First consultations are always free! I am focused on helping local Sacramento businesses. Having said that, I have clients world-wide that have trusted me for years!

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