Have video camera, will travel. It is as simple as that. I have a passport as well. Additionally I can edit and upload if there is connectivity. Now if this was a real safari or some similar type of adventure needing video documenting, I have plenty of back country skills. Not looking to climb Everest, but could do “bush” easily. all 916-837-0167 and ask for “Wudman”.

You get a good photographer, videographer blogger, web designer, and general tech guru that can handle going primitive. Grew up backwoods, have sailed bluewater, rv’d across America a couple of times, and have seen both ends of a rainbow where they touched the ground.

Call me and my fine video equipment to your service. Always ready for launch.

I am not interested in partnership, share, “when(if) I  get paid”, it has to be a real deal.

Currently located in the Sacramento, CA area.
John Wood