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Do It Yourself WordPress Podcast

I have built this guide and podcast to support anyone who wants to try to manage their WordPress website. Although in many cases, a good WordPress developer will save you time and money, there are situation where you just want to design and manage your own WordPress website. I will step you through the process of building a WordPress website. You can support this page and podcast by using my included affiliate links. If I suggest it, it is because I am using it for either a personal or client website.


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Season 1, Episode 1

About John L. Wood

Thanks for tuning in. My name is John L. Wood and I WordPress for a living and fun. WordPress is one of the best tools to build a website. We do tend to make verbs out of nouns when it comes to tools, therefore “I WordPress”. Occasionally I assist clients with other content management platforms or proprietary website builders, but WordPress is by far the best website builder and management tool in the world. Having said that, WordPress may not be ideal for your website, but I’d be glad to have an honest discussion about if WordPress will work for you. It always starts with a conversation.

Get Your WordPress Started Faster?!

In this blog and podcast, I will freely share what I have learned with those who want to either create or manage their own WordPress websites. From idea to execution, this guide will step you through the process.

If you want to get started faster, use the form below and ask me about my “WordPress Quick Start” offers that can really help you get started faster and quite frankly, are a super deal if you want to get your WordPress website up and running faster!
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Episode Zero

Should You Design Or Manage Your Website?

This video is intended to help you decide if you should do your own website of any kind. It really boils down to where you get the best returns on your time. In some cases it is plain crazy not to have someone else manage your website. An easy example is an attorney. Very few Web Developers charge what an attorney can per hour!

Season 1, Episode Zero    |    38min

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