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Illuminating The Benefits Of Your Business

As with a solid structure, organic digital marketing relies on a solid foundation any ethical company already has in place. The equation of success is pretty simple, high quality businesses provide consistent high quality solutions and customer service. Content shares how your business creates solutions, aka “Benefits” that satisfy the answers customers demand. Excellence in customer service is just as important as high quality products and services. Happy customers are almost all a brand needs to shine!

Sustainable Organic Digital Marketing

The Power of Organic Marketing Strategies

Marketing firms prefer to push expensive, “pay per click” or other strategy where you are supposed to buy into instant success connecting to ideal clients. Even if PPC and other “pay for results’ strategies worked 100% of the time, they only work when you are funding them. The energy from paid marketing such as ad buys, search engine clicks, social media ads, and consultation fees stops as soon as you defund the campaigns.

Organic marketing promotes your business through sustainable strategies. All organic marketing does is leverage the benefits your business, product and services offer your ideal (target) clientele! In fact if you are inclined to use expensive PPC or other “pay to play” marketing, your organic marketing should be firing at 100% before you spend a dime to buy a customer’s attention. Organic marketing strategies are more like a snowball than a blizzard. A snowball rolls on and on, getting bigger all the time. The blizzard comes, dumps and then goes away.

Organic marketing leverages the unique qualities of your business, product and services. Using digital, traditional and social media, you grow brand awareness. Using platforms relevant to your business may at times involve some expenses such as targeted social media advertising. In general organic digital marketing is more effective over the long-term as well as sustainable. Organic marketing strategies are simply smarter ways to build brand, product and service reputation over the long haul!

Before you are sucked into paying for clicks…

Do you know there is a free way to get to the top of the first page of search engine inquiries? Organic digital marketing strategies are fundamental to sustainable search engine optimization! Combining a proven SEO strategy with what is now the most dominant way people use search engines is a path to awesome search engine ranking! Imagine not paying to get to the first page and the placement literally being on the very top of a page of search engine results! On top of even the paid search engine results? I am not crazy and while the results are not always fast or even guaranteed, the end result is better, sustainable search engine placement that attracts more of the kind of customers you want!

High Quality, Mobile First Content Rocks!

Today’s audience is generally best approached with short-form reels and movies that provide a compact, but informative marketing message in about a minute! Learn how video can fast track your brand’s exposure. Forget about what worked yesterday. Certain large video platforms only care about monetizing content. If you want to talk about what kind of video can rock your marketing and where to post it, call me. You are likely doing video all wrong and in a worst case scenario, allowing a platform to use your website to share your competitions content!

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Digital marketing success starts with a conversation. First consultations are always free! I am focused on helping local Sacramento businesses. Having said that, I have clients world-wide that have trusted me for years!

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