If you have been here before, you are noting that I am about two weeks behind my initial development date. I have an good reason for this.

I needed a new hosting company!

It became evident that my ten year relationship with Hostgator needed to be over. The straw that broke the camel’s back was that Hostgator was not playing nice when it came to affordable third-party SSL tools. SSL, or Secure Socket Layer, is a must have if you want to build any website today.

Why is SSL so important?

Secure Socket Layer helps your visitors get what you intended in the way of content and visitor experience. When you see the SSL icon in the address bar, you know that the communication between the website and browser is secure.  It is the defacto standard that creates a digitally signed certificate that tells a browser that the communication between it and the website is over an encrypted, private link.

If you want good SEO, you need SSL!

There are much simpler reasons to have SSL. Google says if you want good SEO on their search engine. Your website needs SSL. If you want to serve content to certain technologies such as Proximity Beacons, (BLE), you need SSL. The first reason should be enough, but understanding that more and more processes will demand SSL should hammer home how important SSL is.

SSL isn’t perfect, but it is the standard today to help build a safer, smarter internet.

Finally, my mission to rebuild this website is core to my mission to create a web marketing “incubator” for small businesses and others who need an affordable and sustainable web strategy. My mission here is to offer a starter bundle of web services that include a WordPress website, domain, and SSL-enabled website at very affordable prices.

If you have any questions, feel free to call me directly at 916-837-0167.

The migration of this website to a host that offered “turbo-fast” hosting and affordable SSL is done. Next on the docket, build a smart, one-page website with a blog. The reason for one page is that in many cases, all you need is one, informative page with a proper call to action to start getting your brand, product, or service into the digital stream!