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Episode Notes

In Episode 11 of Channeling WordPress, we go over how to use your CPanel to login to your WordPress website and use the Softaculous Installation Manager to create on-demand backups of your WordPress website. I really suggest going one step further when it comes to using your CPanel account. That step, logging into your CPanel before any substantial update of your WordPress website, can be a lifesaver.

Beyond on-demand backups and restore tools, a CPanel offers quite a few features, so it is good to be familiar with the options available. Not only can you save money by using features available in a CPanel, but you can also avoid tech support calls or frustrations with User Password resets.

In this case, using the Softaculous Installation Manager, you can perform on-demand backups before any theme, plugin, or core WordPress update. You really don’t need to pay for a backup tool when if your CPanel uses an app launcher like Softaculous that has a Backup and Restore option built it. Backing up and Restoring is also generally pretty fast.

Other features we will cover in later CPanel 101 podcasts include updating PHP version, creating emails, connecting to CDNS, accessing the File Manager and dealing with SSL issues.

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