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Episode Notes

After spending a week fixing a website that was impacted by malware, I just had to start 2022 with a common sense wake up call to why good hosting is absolutely one of the best investments you can make to support your website.

A short story that illustrates how $20 a month more for hosting would have been an awesome deal for this particular client.

His eCommerce store crashed due to a bad plugin. Forget that in a recent audit I told him the plugin was bad news and didn’t do anything worth the risk. Well he updated his website and the plugin caused a conflict that broke his website. No admin panel access either. He had the server backup, but no premium back up plugin. This was another issue he ignored in his end-of-year audit. So the option was to restore his website from one of five daily backups stored on the server.

All of them were in some way corrupted at the file level. The tar files would not fully open.

After six hours of fussing with it, we opted to create a new website. A proper hosting environment and off-side backup would have made restoring his website a one hour job.

Total Time: 31 Min

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