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Help Your YouTube Channel Rank Better

Consumers Rely On YouTube Video Channels To Make Informed Decisions

Video has become a top choice consumers use to make buying decisions. Let’s face it; generally the ideal customer uses mobile devices to search the internet for information. Those customers also may be a key stroke or mouse click away from making buying decision. In either scenario, easy to consume, informative content is key to the customer. This is where video fits nicely in the search for answers on companies, products, and/or services.

Videos are flexible, cross-platform marketing messages

Another great thing about videos is how you can host on one platform, i.e. YouTube, and display them on others. In other image - optimizing company YouTube channelwords, by hosting a video on your YouTube channel, you can embed it in your website, on a social media page, or in a link in your newsletter. An optimized YouTube channel with informative videos stands alone when it comes to energizing marketing across several platforms. On top of everything else, studies have shown that consumers prefer videos over reading the same content.

As with a website, for best results the content, (video) and the company YouTube channel, must be optimized. YouTube has a channel where among things, you can learn how to optimize your videos, channel, and grow your audience! As with Google’s search engine, the goal of YouTube is to answer search queries with high-quality content. Therefore, not only must videos be optimized, but so must a company’s YouTube channel.

Experts agree on a few things about optimizing a YouTube Channel

Google doesn’t share details of its search engine and YouTube algorithms. Instead you are left up to the scholarly opinions of researchers. That isn’t much of an answer, but we do have indications on Google’s ultimate mission in how their search engine works. In other words, the same best practices applied to website content are fundamental to a YouTube channel and videos.

Like your website, optimizing a YouTube if founded in one basic requirement. Your content must be high quality and relevant to your ideal customer. It starts with describing your channel in a way that lets visitors know exactly what your company, product, or service is. A YouTube channel’s “About Us” page’s first sentence needs to set a hook deep. A front-loaded summary sentence is important to both a YouTube channel and all associated videos.

Research suggests that YouTube’s algorithm prioritizes the beginning of a video or channel’s description. The first 48 characters in a YouTube channel or video description have to hit a home run because that is what will display on search engine results. The channel and video descriptions also need to be passionate and original. Keywords and key phrases are also important for both YouTube channels and videos.

Taking clues from search engine optimization

As with optimizing a website, use Google’s search engine and YouTube to researching competitors, similar businesses, products, and services. Search using relevant keywords, key phrases, and complete questions. Note that voice search is increasingly important given the rise in home assistants. Also, website and video content optimized only a few years ago, may not have considered voice search. Therefore answering the right question is an opportunity to increase ranking of a channel or video! Of course, if you do create a YouTube video channel or embed videos in your business website, be sure to apply proper schema markup!

Of course there is more to maximizing video for your business, but a great place to start even if you intend to hire a profession, is the YouTube Creator Academy. It is easier to higher high-quality professionals, if you have an idea of what generates the highest quality results!