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WordPress Plugins Part 1.
Choosing plugins for your WordPress website wisely begins with moderation. There are thousands of plugins you can add to your website, but the key is to only add plugins that are absolutely necessary. I always try to use the built-in functions of WordPress first. If the built-in function is a pain in the but to customize, then I will consider a plugin that adds customization of the existing WordPress function. If a plugin is not available that can enhance or add the customization I need, then I will consider a WordPress plugin that does not depend on an existing feature of WordPress.

When WordPress does not have the function or feature built in, then a plugin can be a the only option. Examples are plugins that facilitate subscription to email newsletter programs such as MailChimp. Security, backup, caching, and forms are three areas where plugins are almost always the answer.

WordPress Plugin Abuse Is A Crime
Resist the urge to commit “WordPress Plugin Abuse”. It is a bad habit to install too many plugins. Not only can plugins cause conflicts with each other, but plugins can cause conflicts with a WordPress theme and even certain hosting platforms.

Don’t go crazy with installing plugins!
Also, plugins can slow down your website. Finally, managing plugins should be an ongoing process. Every now and then, you should audit all your plugins to be sure they are being updated. Basically once a quarter, review the Support pages for all your installed plugins. Be sure it is still being supported is one reason to not install and forget any WordPress plugins.

As to my typical initial plugin installation, check out this earlier blog post.

How To Pick A WordPress Plugin?
Picking plugins demands research. How to pick a plugin is going to be covered in Channeling WordPress – How To Pick A Plugin.

PS: The mission is to keep these about ten minutes long.

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