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Advantages of Adding Schema Markup To Your Web Pages

Improving Search Engine Optimization with Structured Data

What is schema?

Schema is a vocabulary search engines use to provide Internet users a richer experience. Schema markup is also referred to as “structured data”. Web pages featuring schema markup,image SEO 101 What is schema markup provide search engines information that helps determine intent of a web page. Schema is fundamental in helping search engines generate more accurate search engine result pages (SERP). A full technical description of schema can be found at: Schema.org.

Why is schema markup important?

This past January (2020) Google announced that it is focusing solely on schema as its single structured data scheme. Other search engines also rely on schema markup to provide better search engine results. Therefore, search engine optimization strategy that leverage schema markup, maximize search engine ranking opportunities.

Schema markup and search results

Search engines continually update how  they index websites. In particular, technology and devices have changed how Internet users search for information. Voice search is rapidly becoming the most popular method of asking a search engine for information. This is especially the case for mobile web searches. Apple’s Siri assistant has been around for some time, but now Amazon, and even appliance manufacturers have voice search features. There is no need to turn on a computer or type into a browser, when a user wants to search the Internet.

How schema can help search engine optimization results?

The highlighted box which contains a Featured Snippet, contains the search engine’s best answer to the search query! Schema markup helps search engines provide better answers in search engine results pages. Search engines also use structured data to provide an Internet user a specific answer in what is called a “Featured Snippet”. Featured Snippets are generally placed at “Position Zero”, or the absolute top of a search engine results page.

How do you get your web page to Position Zero?

Featured Snippet placement is a mix of mystery, magic, and extremely good luck. Web pages displayed in Featured Snippets are determined by Google. Schema markup and web page content are part of what Google uses to to select a page for a Featured Snippet. Although there is no formula  guaranteeing that a website is selected for Featured Snippet, there is a formula that assures failure! just don’t use schema markup!

You might wander over to an earlier post I wrote on “Position Zero” for more information!