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Basic WordPress Administration Setup For New Website
At this point, I am going to talk you through basic set up of a WordPress Administration settings. If you want to be slightly ahead of me, you have to minor chores to do.

The first is to look down the LEFT column and mouse-over “Posts”. You will see “Category”. Click on that and you will get an opportunity to create a new Category. Create a Category that will represent what your website will focus content on. That could be as simple as adding the word “News”, “Site Updates”, or if your site was about apple pie, “Apple Pie”. Your site will create the “slug” necessary”.

Optionally, you can just rename “Uncategorized”and then change the slug to match. You cannot delete the default “Uncategorized”, but in my personal opinion, it is a useless Category and fosters bad habits.

Secondly, create two pages, one for your “Home” page and another for your blog posts. Again, those can be pretty simple. I tend to give all web pages a real name, but there are three where it is better to stick to convent.

  1. Your “Home” page selected under General > Reading > will display as your domain name, so even if you call it;” Home | Best Apple Pie Ever, it will display as your domain name.
  2. Your Blog page is generally not searchable, though the content that WordPress puts there is. In those cases, the title of the blog post is what displays when reading a post. Otherwise whatever you put in the “Title”, will show on the page the lists your latest posts.
  3. Don’t get fancy with your “Contact” page. Simply call it “Contact”. Someone that knows your domain can then simply type /contact/ behind your domain to get directly to your contact page.

Otherwise this WordPress DIY podcast is a bit longer due to the housekeeping you need to do. This housekeeping, including checking if your website is sending password reset emails, is very important! You really want to know your password reset is working and that you do have the correct email set up.

Thanks for listening. I do try to pack as much as possible in 30 minutes. Hopefully this will be as long as a podcast will ever be!

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