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Season 1 Episode 2 Januray 7, 2020 Episode Notes
So you have decided to do your own WordPress site. To be clear, almost anything I share could be applied to any website design platform, but I focus entirely on WordPress.

The basics that this podcast go over are important fundamentals you need to understand before you start building your website. The most fundamental part of building a website is “who are you building this website for”. Those customers are your foundation. Whether your target audience is an existing customer, a future client, your fan base, or even family members, there is no point in starting if you are not going to think about them first.

That takes one of the major points of this podcast and places it front and center.

You do not build for Google or any search engine! Google is not your ideal client.

In this podcast I go over some very basic concepts in just under 15 minutes. So at this point, my podcast production is pretty basic. I get to the point. I don’t use scripts, read a teleprompter, and that is likely to change going forward.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a note!

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