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Episode Notes

Intro to Channeling WordPress By John L. Wood

Welcome to my WordPress podcast. I actually make my living creating and managing websites for clients. Some of those clients have trusted me for 20 years. Those clients didn’t start with me using WordPress because back then, WordPress was for bloggers.

That has change drastically. WordPress is the “power tool” of Content Management Systems. It is by far the most used CMS in the world. Although bloggers still are fond of WordPress, you can find companies of all sizes, that leverage WordPress.

My mission here is to share some basic best practices that I hope will make WordPress easier for those who choose to try to do it themselves.

One tip I can offer is that after much research, I choose Pinecast to host my podcast. They have a solid, but basic, platform, that doesn’t take a PhD to manage. And Pinecast is pretty darn “affordable”. I think the referral code below covers a month or so of my subscription if you use it.

Just another tip on better ways to use WordPress.
Happy New Year – May we all be more prosperous!

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