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WordPress Plugin Recommendations For 2020

These are my top WordPress recommended plugins :

My current basic list of WordPress plugins recommendations has been adjusted for 2020. This five-pack of WordPress plugins can all be found in the WordPress plugin repository found on WordPress.org. Order doesn’t matter. It is about fully implementing the plugin, testing, and then adjust settings as necessary. Please note what Google basically demands for your website to achieve good ranking. Your website must be fast, have a good structure, and feature, relevant, high quality content.

1. WordFence Security – Security and Brute Force Defence!

Wordfence Security is a great tool to reduce the chances your website will be vandalized by a human or bot attack.
– Security is #1 and reducing bandwidth used by Brute Force attacks is #2.
– Special Note: Consider activating 2FA login for any one with Editor or better privileges.

2. WPS Hide Login – Login page URL redirection!

WPS HIde Login isn’t going to stop everyone from finding your page, but it will stop quite a few. I see a massive reduction if Blocked Login Attempts when I change my URL.
– Special Note: Change your URL when you change your password which should be quarterly.
– Be sure your website is serving up the latest stable version of PHP which is generally 7.3.

3. Yoast SEO – Improve WordPress website SEO!

– If you don’t know Search Engine Optimization, Yoast can help you learn to write better content. It is as simple as that. Yoast SEO doesn’t fix anything. It is more a coach that looks at your content, grades it and then gives you some tips to improve it for SEO and readability.
– Special Note: Yoast SEO Free version works fine for starters.

4. Site Kit by Google – Easy Access To Google Data

– Google writes the rules when it comes to SEO. In the big picture, no other search engine matters nearly as much.
– You need the data Site Kit by Google makes available in the back end of your site. Now you can see all the data with more detail in the various Google SEO pages that SiteKit aggregates from, but the plugin does make the basic information super easy.
– Special Note: You have to claim your site within Google’s Search Engine Console and other resources to engage SiteKit. It isn’t that hard and there are several paths to validation. Once done, you have a quick way to see your stats, key phrases, etc.

5. LiteSpeed Cache – Make your WordPress website faster!

LiteSpeed Cache can help improve an otherwise, optimized website’s page speed performance!
– Caching your site can dramatically improve how long it takes your pages to load.
– Google likes fast pages. Visitors, especially those using mobile browsers, demand fast pages.
– Special Note: Check with your hosting provider. Caching is sometimes a part of your hosting plan.

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All of these plugins are in use on this website. All of them are used constantly to maximize performance of my website. I provide this list with no guarantee of performance and caution always observe best practices.

Install these plugins at your own risk. Backup and save your website before and after you install or update any theme or plugin. Some of these WordPress plugin recommendations do take some effort to properly configure. If you have any questions or are interested in hiring a local, Sacramento WordPress web developer, please use my contact form!