Why Position Zero matters to most businesses!

Could a question and answer be your solution to get to the top of search engine results?

Shooting For Position Zero versus Position OnePosition Zero is all the SEO results, including content like the featured snippet which appears above the first search result. “Position Zero” can display several types of featured snippets including: paragraphs, lists, tables, charts, YouTube videos, and images which outrank all organic and paid search engine results.

Position Zero is an opportunity fr some business to get a website ranking higher than it ever will even if the existing result is top paid SERP (Position One). It should be clear that the top organic result is seldom “Position One”.

Aiming for Position Zero over Position One is a strategy built around questions and answers, but not an answer for all businesses. For example, a local business would likely see more benefit shooting for top SERP results with Google Maps results. So before firing your SEO pro, you must understand the new opportunities that search engine results present.

It will take a fairly intense paradigm shift in strategy to overcome the declining position of even top organic SERP. I deal with clients all day that have SEO professionals that appear to be selling the same old processes despite the not-so-new reality where top ranking organic SEO is moving to invisible, aka the second page. SERP is changing and so are the tools and strategies. Therefore success with search engine demands at least a look at if the same old processes are getting the results you want.

It is likely that if your SEO pro has not talked about “featured snippets”, Google Map results, structured data, or schema, you need to start a discussion before signing another check.

What is the top question your ideal client wants an answer to? That question and answer could be the home run that lets you do an end run around paid SERP results!

For more information on “Position Zero”, read the following article. If this article strikes a chord with you and you want more information or other relevant links, give me a call!