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Why Position Zero Matters

Could a question and answer be your solution to get to the top of search engine results?

Shooting For Position Zero - Featured Snippet Top SERP“Position Zero” refers to a featured snippet that can appear on top of all search engine results. A Featured Snippet might show if the search engine user inputs a question into a search engine page query box. The answer displayed at the top of the page, is pulled from indexed websites and is positioned above all other search engine results. A Featured Snippet points to what Google has determined to be the best answer to the question. A Featured Snippet places higher than even paid search engine advertisements! Featured Snippets are becoming even more important due to the increasing use of Voice Search. Devices like Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Google Home, all leverage voice search.

Featured Snippets Answer Questions Your Customers Ask!

All the search engines are seeing dramatic increases in Voice Search. Voice searches can return audio-based answers, but many people use voice to ask questions on cell phones, tablets, and computers. Alexa, Siri, and other Digital Assistants are everywhere. “Position Zero” can display several types of featured snippets. Some of the information featured in can include: paragraphs, recipes, shopping cards, social media information, charts, YouTube videos, and images. Since Featured Snippets are placed at the top of the results and include a website link, they are golden opportunities for high quality traffic.

What if a question asked about your product or service, linked back to your website?

Imagine if you ask a question on a Search engine and the top of the results page had an answer? You would likely click that link. Given that search engines only put information they think will answer the inquiry, you are likely going to land on a website that has the information, product, or service you were looking for. That increases the chance that you will do business or at least explore the website the Featured Snippet sent you to! Try it yourself. Go to Google and ask a question you think one of your customers asks you! Position Zero is an opportunity for a business to get a website ranking on the top of a search engine page without it being a paid advertisement!

People are increasingly asking search engines specific questions

Aiming for Position Zero over Position One is a strategy built around questions and answers. Featured Snippets offer many opportunities for businesses to improve their website’s search engine performance. One the other hand, not all businesses should immediately aim for Featured Snippets. For example, a local business, that gets a lot of referrals would likely see more benefit shooting for top SERP results with Google Maps. At the same time, the component that builds the path to having your content in a Featured Snippet is now a fundamental part of optimizing a website. That process involves entering proper, relevant schema, also known as “structured data”.

Google is Mobile Focused

It will take a fairly intense paradigm shift in strategy to overcome declining search engine positions many websites earned years ago. Google is 100% focused on mobile search engine queries and voice search results. Google’s stated mission is to make information easier to access. Fundamental to Googles focus is that the content on the first page has to be of extremely high quality (or paid). Given that the first page may only feature four organic results nested between twice as many paid and all that be under a Featured Snippet, what business would not aim for “Position Zero”?

Before You Think About Position Zero

There are some fundamental performance and design issues that affect SEO that will prevent attaining Position Zero. Your site really has to rock the organic SEO. Organic SEO isn’t just about high quality content appearing in well-designed Posts and Pages. Google has made it very clear that organic search engine optimization is a fluid mix of content, website structure, page speed, links, and more. That is a simplistic list of areas every website owner must focus on. There still are product and service niches where the competition for clicks is low. Even in those areas where competition for traffic is low, one should always be actively looking at their SERP performance. Google is always fine tuning the algorithm that determines where a website ranks when it comes to search engine results.

What is the top question your ideal client wants an answer to? That question and answer could be the home run that lets you do an end run around paid SERP results!

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