2019 Top Issues To Manage With Your WordPress Website!

Your Sacramento WordPress guru recommends updating PHP ASAP!I will get straight to the point, if you value your presence on line and you use WordPress, there are mandatory issues you must manage immediately. Sadly, there are far too many WordPress websites that are not managed in a timely way. These websites not only can negatively impact the owner’s marketing, but also adversely affect visitors.

WordPress To Do List 2019

1. Update Your WordPress theme and organize your website content to prioritize core messages on mobile devices.

It is unbelievable that today there are WordPress websites that are not at least mobile responsive! Today your WordPress website needs to be better than just mobile responsive, it needs to be “mobile-first”! If you haven’t heard, Google has been penalizing websites that are not mobile responsive since 2016! All my websites have been mobile-responsive since 2008. The themes and talent are out there to get this done without spending a fortune! Get “mobile first” now!!

2. All websites should have a green padlock indicating SSL!

Another requirement that many websites, including WordPress websites fail is lack of SSL. Again, if you care about your visitor experience, your website needs to show a green padlock and the URL should start with “https”. This is a newer requirement as of 2018. As browsers are updated, they are adding warnings that non-SSL websites are a possible security threat to visitors. Imagine your visitor coming to your website and seeing’ “this site is not secure and may pose a hazard to you”? Get SSL now!

3. Check and if necessary, update your PHP to at least 7.0

PHP is the blood running under all the code of your website WordPress’ current standard is 5.2, but that will be changing to 5.6 in the next major update (5.1) By 2019 WordPress will require 7.x. If your host hasn’t done so already, you can safely upgrade to 7.0, 7.1 and maybe 7.2. If you are not technically inclined, call your host and ask what version of PHP your WordPress website runs on and if it is a 5.x version, ask them how to upgrade!

If your host requires you to do the upgrade…
1. Do a complete back up of your website or check to see if your host has a daily back up.
2. Audit all your plugins, delete the ones that you are not using, be sure the plugins you are using are updated.
3. Update WordPress. As of this post, the current version of WordPress is 5.0.3
4. Update the PHP version in your hosting admin panel

Note: The main advantage of PHP 7.x is that WordPress websites generally run much faster than on any 5.x version PHP.

This is a very short list of what you have to do if you have a WordPress website. If you have any issues with this short list, call me, your Sacramento WordPress Guru at 916-837-0167.

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