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My Name Is John Wood and I WordPress!

Web Design & Digital Marketing
Sacramento, California

WordPress, the world’s most popular content management system is at the heart of my digital marketing strategies. WordPress leverages the power of publishing which is fundamental to creating a solid, organic marketing strategy.

Call me now at 1-916-837-0167. Let’s determine if WordPress can rock your digital marketing!

Get real results, not just promises.

Sustainable marketing plans that make sense.

Get a plan, not just a website.

Get honest answers and quick support.

Call Me Now : 1-916-837-0167

It is easy to capture one’s attention once you are in front of them…

The trick is to get in front of the right person when they are looking for what you have. Then you still have to convince them that even if you have a solution, that your’s is the right solution!

Just as in the real world of closing deals, eventually you have to qualify, overcome the objections and closed the deal. Your website doesn’t get to read what is going on in a visitors mind. Your website can’t tailor customized responses. It has to be the closer for all seasons.

Bet you are still thinking about that hair and not the brilliant solutions the mind it covers creates!

Well have no fear, the hair is gone, but the effect lingers. You are still reading and wondering if I can create solutions, strategies, and results.

Call me at 1-916-837-0167 and have a free consultation. I am confident you will come away believing in how I approach creating solutions to your digital marketing needs.

All I ask for is an opportunity to listen to what you need. I will guarantee that even if you decide to pursue other solutions, you will go away smarter and inspired.

Just once chance.

I promise, you will be impressed.

Fast, Professional WordPress Web Design & Digital Marketing

Serving Clients World Wide From Sacramento, California.

Whether you need just a website, tech support, coaching, or a complete digital marketing strategy, I am at your service. WordPress has awesome potential to be the web content management system (WCMS) for most seasons. WordPress is a web publishing platform that can scale as your business demands. WordPress can be an informative, lead generating one page website or a multi-page eCommerce store. What is right for your need is yet to be determined.

Let’s start with a conversation!

WordPress Web Design

Full Service WordPress Support including new websites or updating existing ones.

Social Media Management

Social media strategies designed to stand alone or merge with external websites or media resources.

Web Content Marketing

Leverage WordPress publishing capabilities with content to create or improve organic SEO.

WordPress Tech Support

Get the support you need to secure, backup, and speed up your WordPress website!

Multimedia Production

Full service multimedia laboratory including logos, graphics, photography and video production.

Domain & Hosting Support

Domain, hosting, and email management including setting up or moving existing WordPress website.

Newsletter Marketing

Smart, affordable email marketing strategies that keep your clients informed!


PayPal, WooCommerce, and Payment Gateway integration and support for WordPress websites.

I am located in the Sacramento suburb of Carmichael, CA. In person service almost anywhere in Northern California!