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John L. Wood

Sacramento WordPress Guru, Media Producer, & Wordsmith

Over twenty years helping small businesses connect with the right customers!

I help small businesses leverage digital marketing to reach more customers! The best marketing strategies don’t stop with a web site and a social media page! To find the ideal customers it takes persistent leveraging social media assets, local business directories, a website and great content to raise a brand’s awareness. Raising a brands awareness is just one step, you have to protect a brand’s reputation as well. That is where adroit management and customer service-focused interaction are fundamental to defining and protecting a brand’s reputation.

Although I am located in Sacramento, California, I have clients all over the United States. From small mom and pop retailers to state agricultural organizations, I have been a crucial force in getting their brand, products, and services in front of the right customers!

Successful digital marketing demands smart integration of high quality content, treating leads and customers as if they were golden, and making sure your customer-facing staff has all the tools to close the deals, build relationships and provide awesome customer service!

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Customization, product management, online retail strategies, and tech support

Social Media Management

Social media integration into marketing as well as social media page administration

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Monitoring and management of Yelp, Angi’s, and similar business directories.

Based in Sacramento, CA

While I began my career as a web developer in the Midwest, I came back to my adopted home of Sacramento in 2013. I own a verifiable record of success with clients, some who have trusted me for over twenty years to raise their brand’s exposure online. My clients have stretched from California to France in a variety of businesses including Real Estate, advertising, health care, education, agriculture, and all kinds of small businesses.

Experience, Creativity, Trust and Responsiveness Matter!