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I am your local, Sacramento resource for WordPress web design, Search Engine Optimization, and Social Media management.

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I create strategies that leverage websites, social media, and content, into more customers. I help small businesses by optimizing their WordPress websites. I also offer integrated outbound marketing services that help convert web traffic into customers!

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WordPress Website Design & Support
Advanced WordPress Administration
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Sacramento, California

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Video & Audio Production
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Organic & Local Search Engine Optimization

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Call or text me at 916-837-0167 to start a discussion about creating a new or improving an existing website. I can help your website look better, rank on Google better, and bring you more customers!

Why I WordPress!

I WordPress because it works for my clients. WordPress is the most widely accepted and powerful web publishing platform.  Although initially designed as a blog publishing tool, WordPress has been developed into an extremely flexible web design tool. The world has spoken on this, and in fact, WordPress is by far the most used, most supported, most flexible, and scalable website creating platform.

I began building websites in the late nineties. Back then I coded web design with Notepad, DreamWeaver, and FrontPage. To be sure, most businesses used websites as online brochures. There was no need to think about issues like, cell phones, secure socket layer (SSL), or optimizing for search engines.

In January of 2008, while visiting the Samsung booth at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show, I saw the future of the Internet. It was clear that the future was the mobile Internet. As a result, I immediately began to research mobile web design solutions.

After experimenting with Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress, it was clear to me that WordPress was moving faster in the direction of what we now call “Mobile First” web development. 

Today the reality is you build for the mobile world, with the desktop experience in mind, but not ruling a website’s structure. 

John Wood – I could be your Sacramento WordPress guru!

Knowledge + Skills + Passion

Full Stack WordPress Design

Building any website takes content. Having the experience and tools to create all the content a website needs make me faster and more affordable. Not only do I not have to wait on another contractor, but you don’t pay the added expense of one.
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Digital Media Services

Videos with subtitles get to the point better than anything. Pro HD and 4K video cameras as well as Digital SLRS are among some of the tools I can bring to bear. My office computers are state-of-the-art and I subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud.

Strategy + Social Media + SEO

A website should “alive” with content that showcases your business, product or services. Social media websites are now a valuable source of website traffic. In other words, smart web design, content, and social media are fundamental to online marketing!

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