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John L. Wood

Media, Marketing, & Sales

Sacramento WordPress Guru

Feeding The Funnel Through Creative Marketing

You have found the website of John L. Wood. I am currently focused on the solar energy side of renewable energy. My experience in solar has included Account Management at a national wholesale distributor, retail solar, and pv manufacturing Sales Management.
I started in consumer electronic sales in the mid-eighties when you could still buy an in-dash 8 track player.
Technology has come a long way, but the art of the sale and premium customer service are still fundamentally the same!

My Story

If you are shaped by your environment, then no container of text, no matter how articulate can begin to tell your story. Alas, this space calls for something personal to make me more likeable. Well everyone likes someone that is smart. I am very smart.

In grade school I read the encylopedia for recreation. In the several years I spent at that St. Louis Public School on Waring St, I read several classroom’s worth of encyclopedias. 

When I am not in the office, promoting a particular US brand of solar panels, I am working on digital marketing strategies for small businesses. In some cases, these small businesses have been my clients for almost 20 years. 

Smart and doing something right. That is why people enjoy working with me. I am also pretty thrifty with a budget. Read into that. 

By the way, I love WordPress. WordPress is like the Prius of the internet. For most businesses, it is the only web content management system you need. .

My Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

WordPress Web Design, Security, and Management

It is pretty simple when it comes to web content management. Content is King and WordPress is King of the content management platforms. I started with WordPress in 2008 after visting CES in Las Vegas. It was there I saw the writing on the mobile browser wall of then yet-to-be-released Galaxy Notes. HTML was going to be way to static when the world went fully digital.

Digital Media Services

Digital media marketing revolves around visuals. Videos with subtitles get to the point better than anything. Pro HD and 4K video cameras as well as Digital SLRS are among some of the tools I can bring to bear. Lightboxes make product photos stand out, and cutting-edge graphic software, on the latest Mac hardware power my office lab. Green screen? No problem, location photography or video, tell me when. New logo or branding, let us work together to make your dreams real.

Public Relations & Speech Writing Assistance

Sometimes you just need some help getting your message across. I can be of great assistance there. Being a pretty smart listener, I can look at what you want to say, craft a unique message, and coach you on executing that message. If necessary, I can function as filter, contact point, and public messenger. 

Passion is something I have plenty of to share on a professional level.

Press Here To Cal Me! 916-837-0167

A path to success generally starts with ideas and conversation.