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John L. Wood – Sacramento WordPress Guru

WordPress Website Design & Support
Advanced WordPress Administration
WordPress Performance Improvement
Secure Socket Installation (SSL) & Troubleshooting
WordPress Plugin Management
WooCommerce & Dedicated Shopping Cart Management
Full Service Social Media Content & Management
Website Hosting & Email Management
Video & Audio Production
Product & Services Photography
Graphics, Logos, & Business Card Design
Organic & Local Search Engine Optimization

Why I WordPress!

I began exploring web design in the late nineties while living in rural Southern Illinois. My motivation was to share the awesome places to explore in the region. After a while my early website sharing the region was discovered by a few small  businesses that inquired if I could help them with web design.

Back then I coded web design with Notepad, using DreamWeaver, and FrontPage. It was all about HTML and a website was more of an online brochure. There was no need to consider mobile devices, secure socket layer (SSL), or optimizing for search engines. The search engine landscape was dominated by the likes of Excite, Yahoo, AOL, and Netscape.

In January of 2008, while visiting the Samsung area at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show, I had an epiphany.  While standing in front a very long row of yet released, first generation Galaxy Notes, I knew access to the Internet was going to change drastically. I had already been shifting website design to fit on IPads as the default, but it was clear future browsers would come in all sizes and shapes.

That trip to CES, forced me to look for smarter platforms that were likely to grow with the changes on the horizon. After experimenting with Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress, it was clear to me that WordPress was moving faster in the direction of what we now call “Mobile First” web development.

Knowledge + Skills + Passion

Full Stack WordPress Design

Content is King and WordPress dominates content management platforms. I started focusing on WordPress design services in 2008. After visiting CES in Las Vegas and seeing the tablets and mobile phones technology allow easier access to the Internet, I shifted from HTML to WordPress!
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Digital Media Services

Videos with subtitles get to the point better than anything. Pro HD and 4K video cameras as well as Digital SLRS are among some of the tools I can bring to bear. My office computers are state-of-the-art and I subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud.

Strategy + Social Media + SEO

A website is a living document that reflects the “now” state of your business, product or services. High-quality content is key to good organic SEO and lead generation. Strategy, Social Media, SEO, and Security are fundamental to successful websites. No marketing ever succeeds without a plan.

Unlike other developers, I protect my clients like a rabid dog. I will share referrals  and examples with verified inquiries. I do this for several reasons including privacy and security. Some of my clients have trusted me with their websites and social media channels for over 17 years. My clients know I am passionate about their success and that I deliver results that exceed what they invest in my services.

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