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WordPress Web Design, Digital Marketing, & Tech Support

Affordable & Effective Web Marketing Strategies Designed To Win Customers!

I offer experienced, affordable, and reliable digital marketing services. Additionally, I can customize a package to manage your WordPress website and even offer emergency technical support.

While a website is key to a digital marketing strategy, the search for answers leverages high quality content and social media networks.  Local SEO and customer feedback are also important to raising the visibility of a brand, service or product, online!

Starting with persisent details to the basics is the foundation to successful digital marketing.  It begins with a highly functional website, brimming with high quality content that has the answers your customers are loooking for.

Let’s talk about how I can help you with a customized digital marketing strategy, new WordPress website, or support services!

I am John L. Wood, your Sacramento local resource for web design, SEO, and social media management. 

Sacramento WordPress Web Design, Digital Marketing, & Technical Support

WordPress Website Design & Support
Advanced WordPress Administration
WordPress Performance Improvement
Secure Socket Installation (SSL) & Troubleshooting
WordPress Plugin Management
WooCommerce /eCommerce Cart Support

Social Media Content & Management
Search Engine Optimization
Local Search Engine Optimization
Keyword Research & Strategies
Product & Services Photography
Newsletters & Subscription Management

Sacramento WordPress Web Design, Digital Marketing, & Technical Support

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John L. Wood Sacramento SEO Pro successfully completed the All-around SEO course!
John L. Wood Sacrameto WordPress Design successfully completed the Technical SEO course!
John L. Wood Sacramento Web Pro successfully completed the Structured data course!
John L. Wood Sacramento WordPress Guru successfully completed the SEO copywriting course!

Call or text me at 916-837-0167 to start a discussion about creating a new or improving an existing website. I can help your website look better, rank on Google better, and bring you more customers!

WordPress Is Just Part of A Smart Marketing Strategy!

AI prefer to publish websites with WordPress because it is a fast, flexible, and robust content management system. Having said that, content may still be king, but it takes more than a website, it takes a plan and persistence.

One huge benefit to WordPress is that once you have the “bones” all in place, you can spend more time creating the content that builds your brand, promotes your service, or sells your product.

Another awesome benefit of WordPress is enhanced business connectivity! Many important business applications have native or third-party WordPress connectivity tools. WordPress may network with software you use in managing your business or clients!

WordPress is just very cool “vehicle”, but won’t win any races unless driven like you are in it to win it!

Knowledge + Skills + Passion

Full Stack WordPress Design

Building any website takes content. Having the experience and tools to create all the content a website needs make me faster and more affordable. Not only do I not have to wait on another contractor, but you don’t pay the added expense of one.
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Digital Media Services

Videos with subtitles get to the point better than anything. Pro HD and 4K video cameras as well as Digital SLRS are among some of the tools I can bring to bear. My office computers are state-of-the-art and I subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud.

Strategy + Social Media + SEO

A website should “alive” with content that showcases your business, product or services. Social media websites are now a valuable source of website traffic. Smart web design, content, and social media work together to find and keep your ideal customer!

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