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Marketing Strategies Designed To Generate Website Traffic

Content is key to converting web traffic into customers. Persistent application of fresh relevant content to both company web and social media assets, is fundamental to generating high quality leads.

Website content should be so relevant that is trumps design.

Try an experiment. Copy your website’s front page content, paste it in a plain text editor like Notepad, read it and tell yourself if that content compels to you take the action you want a visitor to take! If your response is less that exciting, you need a better content marketing strategy!

What is Content Marketing?

Everything beyond the actual structure of the website, is considered “content”. Content is also what search engines rely on to rank a website. Content Marketing is the process of developing the high quality web content that converts website traffic into clients and customers.

Content Marketing & The Sales Process

Features versus Advantages versus Benefits are concepts used in the sales process to funnel clients or customers to solutions. A successful sales process depends on BENEFITS because that is really what clients and customers want. Benefits are the sizzle and are key to powerful results in any form of marketing. Web content needs to focus on BENEFITS, the real reason people buy, read and engage.

Let Me Help You With Content Marketing Strategies

Smart content marketing starts with analyzing existing web marketing assets, strategies in place and goals. Search engine metrics also play an important part by helping determine how existing traffic was drawn to a website. Then both static content, including text and images are fine tuned as part of a persistent content marketing strategy.

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