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Defend And Improve Organic Search Engine Results

Claiming and improving local business directories is a crucial step to maintaining your company website’s search engine results. Googles search engine changes last February negatively impacted organic search engine rankings. Local business directories are part of a strategy to defend and possibly improve your local search results.

What are local business directories?

Local business directories are websites that aggregate business listings., Google Places and business ratings sites like the BBB and Angie’s are examples of popular local business directories.

Certain directories are specific to an industry. Most are free, but others such as the BBB and Angie’s List, will use fairly “robust” tactics to hook you with multi-year upgrades with odious escape clauses.

Just say no.

Below is a basic primer on how to use local business directories. If you want more traffic for your website and your phone to ring more often, don’t stop at ten!

Search For Relevant Local Business Directories

1. Search your business on Yahoo, Google and Bing. Only one matters here, but hey, we need a sample. Next search the top three keyword combinations that represent what you fulfill, the product, or service, include a geographic keyword if your business is hyper-local.

List the top business listing directory websites that reference your business. If your business does not come up, then look for your competitors and make a list of the top two or three business listing directories.

Coordinate A Plan

2. Narrow the list to the top ten most popular business listing directories for your company and if necessary, your industry. Ten should make a massive impression on your website impressions.

Claim Listing & Improve

3. Follow the list back to the top ten local business directories and either claim existing listings or “Add/Create” one if none exists.

This is really the easiest part as you basically fill out a form. Once you claim a listing you get to update any business information such as website, (with lovely link of course), phone number, business hours, a descriptions of services. At what is usually a “FREE” level, you get another free ad with links on-line. Some have ability to incorporate maps and “push to call” phone number displays. It is nice to have a website ask, “Call Now?”.

Local Business Directories Are Crucial To Good Local SEO

Local business directories are key to good “Local SEO”. Not only does it work, but by claiming these local listings, you can defend your brand’s reputation since many of the sites offer ratings and reviews. When you claim a local business directory, you can get alerts when your business is reviewed. If necessary, when alerted to either a positive or negative review, you can respond appropriately.

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