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Local Business Directories Generate Leads!

Free Opportunities to Improve Business Visibility Go Unclaimed

I spend a lot of time researching how Sacramento area businesses show up on local area business directories. One of the first things I do when researching web visibility strategies for a new client is enter their business in the top search engines. I am looking for several clues to how their website is performing with a direct search of their business name. First of course is how their business is represented on the first page of that search engine. Another important result I review is if a local listing is presented in the search engine results, is “owned” by the client. In most cases I find that local listings have not been claimed. These local listings are important keys to lead generation and offer an opportunity many business ignore.

Local Business Directories Generate Leads

It is very simple, local business directories generate leads. Furthermore, when a local business directory is improved with up-to-date information on the business, web-based and phone leads increase. In every case where I have claimed and updated a local business directory for a client, statistics show a substantial increase in views and click-through traffic being sent to the client site. Since most local business directories offer a robust set of free tools, including the ability to add a website link, there is no excuse for a business to immediately claim top local business directories.

If You Don’t Care About SEO, What About Reputation?

There are still businesses out there that do not care about websites that generate leads. Some business owners are happy with a ten year old “brochure” and others have never had any success even when they spent time and money on several websites. I have met all those people and more, but one thing that brings them all into the same state of mind, their company’s reputation. When I tell them local business directories often double as rating websites, they start to listen. When I tell them the last review painted their business in a negative light, the really listen. That is because even if they don’t care about the Internet, they know potential customers do.

The bottom line is, claim your local business directories and manage your brand reputation. Just accept the byproduct, more traffic to your website and qualified potential customers, calling your phone more often. If you would rather on optimizing your business, I have affordable packages to claim and if you desire, manage your local business directories. For a fraction of what you would spend on SEO auctions or even dedicated SEO services, I can help you establish the kind of SEO that is relevant to the high-intent Sacramento customer you want.

That’s right, if you want your website to generate local business, makes sure it stands out on the relevant local business directories.

For more information, call 916-837-0167 and lets talk local business directories, lead generation and how they can leverage high quality leads in your businesses direction.

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