Get Your Website Tested For Speed, Errors, Malware & Functionality

Why Do You Need A Free WordPress Website Performance Checkup?

The WordPress Website Performance Checkup will alert you to significant issues that may be detrimental to your website’s search engine ranking! The same issues that affect search engine ranking can negatively impact your website visitor’s experience.
The biggest benefit will be either peace of mind or the included tips on solutions to remedy detected* website defects.

“But I have great content and my web traffic has been just fine!”

Awesome, having your website checked is just like checking the air in your tires. You just do it for the sake of your site’s visitors, the integrity of your data and the peace of mind that your website is only tasked to meet your expectations.

If your website is meeting all your expectations, this is a win, win for you because you get a confirmation of how well your website is functioning. On the other hand, search engines and web applications are constantly updating. Hackers and criminal malware networks are constantly attacking and in many cases, penetrating vulnerable applications. Their goal is to leverage any Internet resource, including your website, to spread malware or attack other websites.

What does the Free WordPress Performance Website Checkup, check?

Using several tools available online and installed on diagnostic computers, my “Free Website Check” focuses on mobile adaptive and home page speed.  You will get a grade of A To F and link back or screenshot of the report used.

This Free Website Check is absolutely free and there is no obligation to use any services I provide. Take the information to your choice of web professionals or file it away, though the latter defeats the purpose of reading down to here.

If you suspect any malware may have infected your site or your customers are being infected based on an action they took within your website by visiting a page or clicking through a link, CALL YOUR WEB PROFESSIONAL IMMEDIATELY


The Free WordPress Website Performance Check is a basic speed and front-end user interface test, followed up by a short grade report. You may opt into a one hour discussion on the results for $60.

This is a basic website performance test for self-hosted WordPress applications. I, John L. Wood, am not responsible for any errors a Free WordPress Website Checkup may not detect.

I may suggest an Advanced Web Performance Test (AWPT), which is a more through test based on the results of the Free WordPress Website Performance Test. The AWPT typically tests for malware broken, outdated or vulnerable components within a WordPress website. An AWPT also includes additional ranking and Blacklisting checks. Outbound links are excluded from any test unless specifically contracted for. Free WordPress Website Performance Test. Many tools that will be used were created by third-party developers and come with no warranty of performance. The information provided is provided with no obligation. Further service based on information or suggestions are optional.

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