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Technical Assistance, Plugin, and Theme Solutions For DIY WordPress Users

Sample questions that  could save you time, money, and increase your WordPress website’s effectiveness! Although these are not the only questions a DIY WordPress user might ask, they do address subjects I am often asked when it comes to developing, managing, and improving WordPress website performance.

  • Do you have questions when it comes to WordPress Design Elements?
  • Do you need a recommendation on a theme or plugin to enhance your WordPress website?
  • What are the five necessary plugins every WordPress website should have?
  • Is your WordPress website doing something unexpected?
  • Is your WordPress website slow, unresponsive, or poorly laid out?
  • Do you have security enhancement tools protecting your WordPress website?

Call 916-837-0167 for Sacramento WordPress technical support.

Unfortunately some of these questions are asked too late! When is too late? It depends on how much your digital marketing and website budget is. In some cases “too late” is when you realize you could have been generating high quality leads with your website, but design and content failed the process. Worse case scenario is that your WordPress website gets comprised by a hacker due to security or bad choices in plugins!

WordPress Hourly Support & Rates
Base Hourly Tech Support Rate

Technical support for WordPress emergencies is by hour with a base rate of $55 per hour, with a one hour minimum. Tech support is cued in-line behind any priority work or work in progress.

Emergency WordPress Chat & Diagnostic Hourly Rate

If your WordPress website has suffered a critical failure that your hosting company cannot or will not resolve, call 916-837-0167.
$85 per hour (Weekday Business Hours PST)
$100 per hour (After Hours & Weekends)

Engaging Your Hosting Company

Special $50* Hourly Chat Rate Prior To WordPress Launch
With 20 years of engaging Hosting and Domain Tech Support, I can tell you some hosting companies are just not what they used to be. Many hosting companies, even if they sell you a WordPress hosting plan, will avoid supplying technical support for certain issues. Other hosting companies can put you in a holding cue for a half hour or longer! Your hosting is the foundation for a high performing WordPress website. In an hour I can lay out specific recommendations to support an awesome WordPress website. This WordPress consultation should be engaged BEFORE you pay for hosting or domain name.
* Two Hour Maximum at this Special Rate.

Call about subscription-based monitoring of your website.

Subscription monitored websites save $15 per hour on Emergency WordPress Hourly Rates!
Website monitoring begins at $150 per month for one website, discounts for three or more websites. Website monitoring plans include 24/7 monitoring of site status. It is proven by experience that websites that are monitored tend to suffer fewer, if any technical issues. Bottom line, you save money and reduce or eliminate website down time!
(May require installation of program to alert for site outages, malware or security issues)

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