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Sustainable Digital Marketing Strategies By John L. Wood

You invested time and money into a business. It is likely you now have a website and everyone says you have to have at least one social media account. You are then told that your site needs to be optimized for SEO and you need to adjust for analytical data. Then someone strongly suggests your website needs regular injections of fresh content. Another consultant pushes the importance of local business directories. Data also says that if you want your marketing to rock, add videos, social media advertising and newsletters!

Finally someone says you need to buy expensive ads on major search engines if you want any leads.

All those suggestions are important, if not critical aspects of a sustainable marketing strategy. Whether you are reaching out to the whole wide world or just looking to raise your local community to your brand, a marketing strategy is much more than just a website.

CoreWebPlus Marketing seeks to find a balance in which online resources would have the most immediate impact in a sustainable marketing strategy.

What is a sustainable marketing strategy

There is no easy or quick answer. Determining what is “sustainable” when it comes to marketing strategy is a consultative process. I listen, ask questions about your goals, clients, and products. You tell me what you want to accomplish, who your ideal client is, and what you budget is.

What is sustainable for one company might be impossible or just not relevant for another. The core element is a smart, “mobile-first” web design, featuring up-to-date content relevant to potential and existing customers. After that, it really revolves around who your ideal client or customer is.

Another factor that determines what is sustainable is who is going to manage your strategy. If your company has capable staff, many of the processes can be managed in-house. In other cases, a project manager such as myself may need to be factored into the budget.

The bottom line is that once a strategy has been decided upon, it is about executing the processes in a persistent and consistent manner.

What does a sustainable marketing strategy cost?

As to what it costs, that is determined by the consultative process. The idea is that a successful strategy has such a high return on investment, with leads and sales exceeding budget expended.
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