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My Professional Creed

If you hire me and engage my recommendations, your success becomes the focus of my professional passion, experience and skill set!

Sales, Customer Service, & Merchandising Experience

Selling is a process that is honed with education, repetition and experience. Although many to directly correlate the “art of the sale” with a website, they do expect a website to “close” deals. Therefore I’d argue that knowing how to translate the “art of the sale”, is crucial in creating a process where a website generates the right leads and “closes” high-intent site visitors.

I combine thirty-five years of sales experience, advertising, merchandising and competitive research into processes that help small businesses find and then convert web traffic into clients. Every client unique, therefore so is every solution. The art of the sale is fundamental to developing content that closes deals or builds a loyal client base, only the method of qualifying and overcoming objections has changed. I bring the concepts of the “art of the sale” and web design, together.

A History of Reaching Goals

My first “real” sales job was selling extended warranties for a major department store. I cold-called people at dinner time to ask them to buy something they already said no to at least three times. (If the salesperson in the store did their job by the book). That was in 1981. Thirty-five years later my sales career has taken me from automobiles to Zinnias. In almost all cases, I preferred reward-driven compensation because it suits my competitive state of mind. Best thing about my sales career are the long-term clients and friends I have made along the way. I credit those long term clients and friends to my focus on exceeding expectations and excellent customer service. I can also claim that most of my earliest clients, still depend on me for fast, discrete and professional Internet marketing services.

Professional & Experienced

I am a happily-married USAF “Brat” and as with many so qualified, grew up all over the world. First and foremost, I like to make a difference in whatever is on my plate. I hate losing and have been known to persist until I achieve my goals. My vision sees down the road without looking past the next goal. I am always hungry, ethical and focused on what is best for my client or customer. When I need a break from the grind, look for me trout fishing around Ice House, behind the lens of a camera, reading, writing or creating my own kind of music. (in many cases to a different drummer!)

Thank you for considering my services.
John L Wood
Carmichael, CA
“The individual is the exception to the rules.”

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