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Tips To Improving Website Lead Generation In 2017

This end of the year post is about laying down the most basic standard a website must meet to be relevant in 2017. Sadly many websites still fail the single most important test, that is being responsive to mobile devices such as iPhones.

Is Your Website “Mobile First”?

Seriously, as we go into 2017, many websites are still not “mobile-first”. If your website is not natively, that is without any plugins, displaying your content on mobile browsers, in a fashion that makes it instantly legible as well as easy to navigate, it is functionally obsolete. Other terms used to describe some level of this fundamental test of a website are “mobile responsive” and “mobile-friendly”.

Frankly we should not even need to discuss if a website is mobile-first. It is like having a discussion about bias-ply tires for your new Corvette, dumb. We can talk about why “Mobile First” is an important and necessary design consideration. Simply stated, your website needs to consider the most popular web browsing habits and the devices that support access.

Building Websites For iPhone

There are enough iterations of iPhones in play to say they are a dominant web browsing device. That means your website better deploy on an iPhone in a way that allows the content to be easily accessible. Find an iPhone, look at your website, if you have to scroll to read a sentence, access navigation menus or fill out a contact form, your website fails a basic, required standard to be relevant in 2017. It doesn’t matter what phone is in your pocket or purse, your existing or potential clients are likely to use iPhones, so your website better work nice with Apple technology.

A website is functionally obsolete if it is not “responsive”!

Website visitors bounce from websites leave if they can’t read the content, no matter how big their phone is.

No one wants to scroll to read one sentence! They will not spend the time and will “bounce” elsewhere. “Bounce” is a term that describes a visitor that gets to your website and for whatever reason, leaves. Looking at a miniature version of your website on a mobile device generally causes visitors to flee. A non-responsive website is inexcusable, especially if your website was created by a professional. There is just no reason for it given there have been frameworks in place to solve this since 2008!

Google has been penalizing websites that are not at least “mobile-responsive” since the Spring of 2016.

In a push to monetize and streamline their search engine to users on mobile devices, Google stated in plain English, that their search results would apply punitive metrics to websites that were not mobile responsive. Very simply, if your website is not designed to take in account mobile devices, your organic search engine results will suffer.

Google is addressing the fact that mobile use of the Internet is the dominant trend. Google wants it’s search engine users to find content that works on mobile devices. This decision by Google pretty much screams, “if your site isn’t mobile, don’t expect good search engine results”.

“Mobile-First” web design is not rocket science or expensive. “Mobile-First” is fundamental, sort of like breathing. You could of course take some consolation that major companies and institutions are to lazy and cheap to fix their website. In some cases, one can sort of understand how large enterprise websites like many of those for the State of California, remain in Y2K technology, but small businesses have no such hurdles to clear.

The path to better website performance starts with a conversation with a professional!

I will gladly take a look at your website and give you a friendly assessment of it’s performance on several metrics, including “mobile first responsiveness and/or friendliness”. If you want better lead generation and more customers, it is a website resolution you need to make now! Simple call me at 916-837-0167. I am a Sacramento, CA WordPress-focused web designer and strategist.

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