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Get professional assistance in creating sustainable marketing strategies that leverage your company websites and social media assets. My process begins with a consultation to determine how best to find the "ideal" customer. Those services are customized to company, product, desired customer and region.

Creating Solutions For Today's Digital Marketing Strategies
For any tool to be useful it has to bed designed for the job and used properly. A website is also a tool that takes persistent and consistent application of an active marketing strategy. Let your competition sit back and wait for the gold to walk out of the mine, while we work to drill for it.

Locally Based Web Marketing & Design - Sacramento, California
Avoid issues with delays or poor translation and contact me, John L. Wood for local, Sacramento lead generation assistance. Having a local web marketing and design resources is especially relevant if your business demands active marketing assistance! For more information on Sacramento lead generation services, call me at 916-837-0167 or reach out via my Contact Form!